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Shukan Soine Vol.5 Reo~

I’m in LOVE with this drama cd!!!!

Yesterday, I just listened to the sample voice before thinking about buying the drama cd. After a few minutes of his sexy whispering, I couldn’t help but smile. This drama cd made me smile all the way through.

At first I was really, fidgety from the whispering since it was really realistic. No wonder dummy head microphones are so useful :D

Since this is volume 5 of Shukan Soine, the character is Reo (He resembles Ichigo, a lot XD). He’s your boyfriend type that is childish who isn’t honest with showing his feelings but he’s actually really sweet and loving with you (his girlfriend ^^)

I putted this in my ipod since it’s the type of drama cd that you listen when you are sleeping. Fidgeting with excitement, I listen. My favorite track….. ummmm… I really liked all the tracks, but I would have to say the track where (you) begged him to read a storybook about the wind and the cloud and after he was done he was about to cry since it reminded him of you and him (Aww…. so sweet, but it was a little sad T-T)

Overall, if you were looking for a drama cd to listen to, I recommend listening to the Shukan Soine Series ^^ All the bishies have a personality type and the excitement of the tracks keep you wanting to listen to more~ Plus…., they also have dakimakura!

Uhhh…. but all of Reo’s dakimakura are sold out TT_TT I should of ordered the real special one earlier.

Next… going to listen to Vol.6 of Shukan Soine with

KAZUYA! CV: Toriumi Kosuke

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