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whitehairedgayslover sent: sorry to bother you but in your Tsukasa-sama's interview translation around 1:26 変わった奴 is not exactly mean "He's changed" but idiom for "weird guy" or "strange guy" XD >> you can find an example for 変わった人 or 変わってる人 

No, no You’re not bothering this actually really helped me :D Thank you so much for telling me~! I always think of 変わった as being change because of how I heard/read it in a sentence, but thank you for telling ^_^

kuurasu-ou replied to your post: New Features to this blog

Thank you so much for sharing this!

No problem! :D Just keeping up to date with what I need to do ^^

dragonduchess13 replied to your post: New Features to this blog

I wish you the best of luck on your videos! :D

Thank you so much! :D Thank you for your support, I will do my best! ^^

Tokimeki Restaurant Kirishima Tsukasa Interview (Translated) CV: Daisuke Namikawa

Translated by: reminiscencesound


New Features to this blog

So, I have a youtube account that I’ll be adding translated videos that I’ve translated. You might see my real name ^^;;; But, don’t call me by my real name because it’s long, so if you ever message me or comment just call me Tina or reminiscencesound :D (don’t worry I don’t bite :) )

It’s still up and running so the only video I have is Kuon’s love message. I don’t mind taking requests for videos to be translated because I’ll be glad to translate any videos that need translating.

So, I’m planning to put subtitles on Shin’s interview video even though I translated it already. I’m also planning to translate the rest of the interviews of Tokimeki Restaurant.

I’m still new to the caption thing on youtube (because timing is so hard) >< but I’ll do my best with translating and timing. And…. I hope that I don’t get removed from youtube because of copyrights and stuff ><

I wish everybody a good day, and I will be working on translating videos now ^^

1: Do you try to stay away from walkthroughs?
2: Company you're always loyal to?
3: Best game you've ever played?
4: Worst game you've ever played?
5: A popular series/game you just can't get into no matter how much you try?
6: A game that's changed you the most?
7: A game you'll never forget?
8: Best soundtrack?
9: A game you turn your volume off every time you play it?
10: A game you've completely given up on?
11: Hardest game you've played?
12: Shortest time you've beaten a game in?
13: A game you were the most excited for when it wasn't released yet?
14: A game you think would be cool if it had voice acting?
15: Which two games do you think would make an awesome crossover?
16: Character you've hated most? From what game?
17: What game do you never tell people you play?
18: A game you wish your friends knew about?
19: Which game do you think deserves a revival?
20: What was the first video game you ever played?
21: How old were you when you first played a video game?
22: If you could immerse yourself in any game for one day, which game would it be? What would you do?
23: Biggest disappointment you've had in gaming?
24: Casual, Hardcore, or in the middle?
25: Be honest; have you ever used cheats (like ActionReplay or Gameshark)?
26: Handheld or console?
27: Has there ever been a moment that has made you cry?
28: Which character's clothes do you wish you owned the most?
29: Which is more important, gameplay or story?
30: A game that hasn't been localized in your country that you think should be localized?


Because we ‘hear’ them, we ‘see’ them, but maybe we wouldn’t have chance to ‘feel’ or ‘taste’ them.

Why perfume? Because it is the closest thing I can ever think about someone, either than see or hear, are their smell :) A lot of us dreams that one day, even just for 2 seconds, we can really see them in real life.

Don’t give up, because I haven’t give up mine either :)

So this is it, Seiyuu Little Forest - Which Seiyuu is Which - “CLOSER”

Omg so interesting… I’m gonna guess a few but i might get it wrong XD i gonna say the babydoll is yoshimasa hosoya, the pineapple is miyano mamoru, the sunflower is koyasu, and the downy is sakurai takahiro? lol i so wanna know the answers!

Be My Princess Season 2 Kuon’s Love Message CV: KENN

Translated by: reminiscencesound


I got it~!

 I have received my CDS. Yay~! So happy! I’m testing if the dvds will work on my laptop so I’ll get back if it works or not.

In the package, there were stickers

I’m guessing these are postcards (I have Tooru and Shin)

And CD jackets (I have Kyoya and Tsukasa)

So if anyone would like to trade with me, I’d be glad to if in exchange I get a Kaito or Fuwa pair for both the jackets and postcards (I don’t know this pair just reminds me of Hakkenden lol :D) So, message me if you would like to trade ^^

Your first kiss with the basuke boys
Aomine: he'll probably try to pull some kissing scene he saw in an AV and slobber all over you and just bad kissing.
Kagami: he's won the game and rushes to the stands and lifts you up in his arms and smooches you
Akashi: he saves you from crossing the street when the sign was still red and kisses you as he pulls you into his arms.
Kise: means that it was a glamorous, catching you as you fall and kissing you while some cheesy background music plays.
Murasakibara: You were eating some pastry and have crumbs on your lips and he reaches forward to kiss the corner of your mouth.
Midorima: Oha Asa warned him that for his day to go smoothly he needed a kiss from someone who is just your sign.
Haizaki: You're scolding him for being late to your date and he darts forward to shut you up.
Nijimura: He confesses his feelings, and unable to take the silence that follows, he kisses you.
Kuroko: As he walks you back home, and is at your doorstep, he asks you if he may kiss you (it tastes like vanilla).
Kasamatsu: his hands are shaking as he holds your face softly, and you can feel his lips tremble.
Takao: He does it out of the blue, saying afterwards that you looked so cute he just couldn't help it.
Himuro: He calls you over to the hallway by the locker rooms in the stadium, and kisses you before the game, 'it's for good luck' he says.
Kiyoshi: You're worried because he's been skipping physical therapy for his knee, so when you're telling him that he needs to go, he kisses you and says 'thank you'.
Imayoshi: You're trying to reach a book in the highest row in the library, and he fetches it for you - as he passes it to you and you're looking up at him he kisses you.
Hanamiya: He's helping you with your homework, and as you complain about how you'll never finish, he tilts your chin up with his finger delicately and kisses you, promising another one if you finish the work.