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Nami-sensei’s Introduction


aho-rashii sent: Hi? I'm really sorry 'cause I'm going to bother you for a minute. I just wanted to ask about Hanayaka Nari Waga Ichizoku Game, does that game have 2 versions ? If so can you tell me Tadashi and Isami's route? Please I really want them ((^.^))

You’re not bothering me :D No worries ^^ I think that the Hanayaka Series, have three games in the series. (But, I might be wrong that it’s a series, because I only played the first game ^^;;;;)

The first game is Hanayaka nari Waga Ichizoku

2nd game is Kinema Mosaic

and the 3rd game is Tasogare Polestar

and yes, all the games have Tadashi and Isami’s routes :)

I hope this helps! :) Happy playing~!

I’m not dead!

Sorry, haven’t been posting been real busy with work because my mom won’t let me have a day off and I work 10 hrs so yeah not enough time for me to translate because I’m dead tired after I come back home -____-

Tomorrow, I go to my summer classes on campus yay~! Japanese :D and I’m glad I go to work at 2 because that means I work only 6 hrs

I have been translating time to time but I’m not fully finish because I still need to proofread what I’ve translated.

So I’m hoping I will get time to translate so I’ll see…. Anyway I wish everybody a good day

Reblog for a sketch of your blog as an otome game love interest!


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  • open until 9pm Saturday, August 3
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I can’t change in front of most of my figures, it FEELS WRONG

Took a screenshot of all the guys saying Happy Birthday :) sadly i had to go to work on my b-day and I’m happy enough that my friends just sent me birthday messages. Now I’m 19 yrs old starting today :)

Wanted to try it out but got carried away by multi tasking on other stuff XD Too much doodling

Wanted to try it out but got carried away by multi tasking on other stuff XD Too much doodling

fragrantguardian sent: Hey so I noticed your post on kamigami no asobi, is it going to be release in English now???

Hi~! Actually, there hasn’t been news that the company is going to release an English ver. of the game, so I believe that there won’t be. But, companies like Aksys that are bringing otome games to America, I believe that they’ll be able to localize this game in English so let’s not give up :)

Shinigami Kareshi Series Re:Birthday Song ~ The Reaper that sings Love ~



Requiem — This is a song that the Reaper offers.

The boundary between heaven and hell, there is a place nearby where the soul of a person must eventually return.

There is a god that snatches people’s souls, training them into ‘death gods’ at a school.

Gathered in this school are reaper candidates, the main characters used to be human.

There, you pair with each and every one of the same candidates aiming to be a death god, but in order to become a full-fledged reaper you will have to study…

The heroine wasn’t chosen by anyone to be their partner, a group of dropouts gather to take special supplementary class, everything doesn’t go well.

All the other reaper candidates that are participating in this supplementary lesson, being all boys, have all suffered from various circumstances that made them come to this school.

Among the boys, even though you will pick one and pair with that person…

Together with your partner, will you be able to become a full-fledged reaper?


Will you weave one story of love with the dropout reaper candidates?



Kokoro (*name can be changed)

"It’s fun, knowing that there is a lot of things you don’t know. The reaper’s world might be fun!"

A cheerful girl who isn’t timid of coming into contact with anyone.

She died on her 17th birthday, and came to the Underworld.

After that, she was invited to the Reaper training school and aims to be one.

Though no matter what she does doesn’t work out, with her inborn brightness, she spends everyday earnestly.

In this world, all detailed memories are vague, even she herself often doesn’t know why.


Kairi (CV: Fukuyama Jun)

"It’s okay, we’ll make it through. All of us, we’ll break away from being dropouts!"

Age: 17 years old (as a human, the age he died)

Blood Type: Type O

Birthday: July 12

Horoscope: Cancer

Height: 173 cm

A bright, kind boy that treats any person equally.

However, during inconvenient things, he forces a smile, this is a side that he holds down.

With his strong my-pace attitude, he gathers all at once a set of dropouts full of personality.

A quick thinker, with excellent grades. Why he dropped to the special tutoring group is a mystery.


Yoru (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)

"Why is it…. that you guys are doing things your way…? Please, don’t cause an uproar.”

Age: 17 years old (as a human, the age he died)

Blood Type: Type A

Birthday: January 9

Horoscope: Capricorn

Height: 175 cm

An unfriendly, and serious personality.

He got along with his past partner, until on the day of graduation, his partner ran on him, making him fail.

An unfortunate young man, that is why he took the special tutoring group.

Though he looks cold, he often helps the other supplementary members, due to his helping character.


Ame (CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu)

"Don’t worry about me…. I think it’s better if you think about yourself."

Age: 15 years old (as a human, the age he died)

Blood Type: Type AB

Birthday: June 3

Horoscope: Gemini

Height: 165 cm

A quiet boy. What ever happens he stays calm, how he is feeling and what he is thinking he straightforwardly says it.

Unintentionally, he has made people angry…

He is the youngest in the special supplementary class, all the other members treat him like a little brother.

However, he has lived longer in the Underworld more than anyone else, he has an abundance of knowledge of the afterlife.


Syun (CV: Kondou Takayuki)

"Who cares about credits! I don’t have any interest in class!"

Age: 16 years old (as a human, the age he died)

Blood Type: Type A

Birthday: November 12

Horoscope: Scorpio

Height: 180 cm

A bad-mouth, little things will make him angry, and short-tempered.

But, he’ll show his kindness to someone he trusts.

He has no interest in becoming a reaper. Because he’s always skipping class, he was put into the supplementary class.

But, as soon as you take your eyes off him, he skips class.


Nami (CV: Suwabe Junichi)

"Fuwaaa~… What? Class? Why don’t you guys do whatever you want~?"

Age: 27 years old (as a human, the age he died)

Blood Type: Type B

Birthday: October 4

Horoscope: Libra

Height: 179 cm

A teacher taking care of the special supplementary group.

His position is high as a reaper, but he has no motivation at all. He is lazy in front of his students.

Also, as a reaper, there is no one that has ever seen him work decently.

He really likes the cigarettes made in this world, so when he gets a chance, he secretly smokes.


How is everybody?! :)
I’m almost done with my semester of college :) I think next week on the 28 not sure…
I’m gonna take summer classes to get caught up with my credits and clear classes :D (buddy, we can take the same japanese class together maybe because i’m gonna take a japanese class over the summer ^^)

I’m halfway done translating ^^ so two weeks from now i’m gonna post soon

This may sound like the dumbest question but can anyone tell me what’s the deal with the hello kitty video by avril lavingne??? (^_^;) i don’t really pay attention to media and stuff